Biden’s Vulnerability – The New York Times

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On first glance, these law-and-order concerns may still seem to help Biden. More voters trust him to do a better job on several related issues — including violent crime, unifying the country and handling the protests — than trust Trump. But it’s not quite that simple.

Remember: Most Americans have already made up their minds about the election. Their answers to poll questions about which candidate they trust on specific issues are almost meaningless at this point. The bigger issue is how undecided and uncommitted voters feel.

Biden’s problem is that, on the broad issues of crime and policing, he appears to have a larger group of soft supporters — people who could flip — than Trump does. As Nate Cohn, a Times reporter who helped oversee the poll, told me, “There is definitely some Biden support with worry about crime.” Those worries span Black, Latino and white voters.

Consider these poll questions, all of which show a larger share of Biden supporters giving the answers that the Trump campaign would like to hear than vice versa:

Fifty years ago this past weekend, The Times Magazine published an essay by the economist Milton Friedman that became highly influential.

It had a plain-spoken headline — “The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits” — and argued that corporate executives should stop worrying about paying high wages, protecting the environment and other do-gooderism. They could best help society, Friedman argued, by maximizing the value of their companies.

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